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你正在寻找一个职位,你的角色对你周围的社区有影响吗?!?  皇冠博彩乳品合作社可以为您提供这样的机会!  Owned by the farmers right here in our local communities, 皇冠博彩提供多种职业选择,职责广泛, working schedules, and growth opportunities with our 2 locations.  一些职位包括奶酪生产职位,帮助创造获奖奶酪, CDL drivers working closely with our farmers, 零售店的店员让每个轮班的人过得更好!  加入一个成功的“农场到餐桌”合作社,在那里你的贡献会有所作为,而且总是有成长和进步的机会!

如果这听起来像是一个你想成为其中一员的团队或公司, 请查看以下这些机会以及如何申请的信息.  

In addition to competitive wages, an excellent work environment, and a company history of stability and security, 皇冠博彩乳品合作社很高兴为您提供以下福利:

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance
  • Employer Paid Long-Term Disability
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Time after 60 days
  • Paid Holidays (including your birthday!)
  • 401(k) with generous company match
  • Profit Sharing
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Employee Discounts (up to 25%!)

Not all benefits are available for part-time employees.

Current Opening at our *NEW* Duluth location:

Exciting and rare opportunity happening in Duluth! 皇冠博彩乳品合作社很高兴能把它的获奖奶酪和当地美食带到德卢斯附近. Included within this store will be a Bistro, which will provide a variety of food options to customers.  为了让这个小酒馆获得成功,我们正在寻找一个 Bistro Supervisor to help build their own team from the ground up. 理想的候选人应具有食品管理方面的背景,并具有很强的领导能力.  主要职责包括:监督小酒馆的日常运营,包括库存控制, product ordering, employee scheduling, menu development, food pricing, etc. all while ensuring compliance with food safety standards. 该主管还将通过提供反馈来负责Bistro Associates的日常工作表现, helping to develop and enhance their skills, 确保员工遵守所有政策和程序, and reporting employee issues to the Cheese Store Manager. 我们正在寻找一位有食品管理经验的主管, excellent customer service abilities, 有很强的领导和监督能力,并能以身作则.  Please apply today for this new and exciting opportunity!  

Current Openings at our Grantsburg location:

Production Opportunities

Makeroom CIP Operator AM Shift

制作室是皇冠博彩乳品合作社非常重要的一部分, 因此,我们正在寻找可靠和勤奋的人,他们有成功和超越的激情, and the desire to learn and grow within our company.  制作室是奶酪制作的“魔法”发生的地方 Makeroom CIP Operator you will be 负责所有巴氏灭菌品的清洁和消毒, separating, whey, and culture introduction equipment and storage silos.  在奶牛场,卫生是一个非常重要的职位,因为它将确保我们为客户提供最优质的奶酪.  The Makeroom CIP Operator 朝七晚七的轮班制,两天休息两天, 3天,2天休息(包括每隔一周的周末休息).  体能要求包括能够举起60磅的重物. and climb, balance, stoop, kneel and crouch as needed.  If you are diligent and thorough in your work, are self-motivated, have a positive attitude, and are willing to learn, please apply today!  

Retail Opportunities

Bistro and Cheese Store Clerks (Full & Part-time)

皇冠博彩乳品合作社目前正在招聘小酒馆和奶酪店的工人. The right person for these positions is prompt, efficient, courteous, and above all has excellent customer service skills. Job duties include, but are not limited to: cashiering, stocking shelves and coolers, maintaining a clean and sanitary work area, and helping customers with their transactions. To be qualified for this position, a person must be comfortable using a computer, be able to collect money and make change, be comfortable working with food products, and demonstrate excellent customer service skills. This job requires constant standing, infrequent lifting of up to 50 pounds, and the ability to work as part of a team in a fast-paced, pleasant work environment. Similar clerk experience preferred. 时间表包括:白天、晚上和周末,时间从早上7:45到晚上7:30.  兼职员工的时薪是12美元,全职员工是15美元.  Cheese apply today for these GRATE (get it???) positions!  

Skilled/Technical Opportunities

Production Supervisor-AM Makeroom 

我们目前正在接受…职位的申请 Makeroom Production Supervisor for the AM Shift.  该职位负责指导奶酪制作过程以确保产品质量, crew safety, and production efficiencies are being met.  Other duties and responsibilities include; production scheduling, quality control, knowledge of all machinery, coordination of staff schedules, training, coaching and department productivity.  必须是移动的,能够在变化的工作环境中领导一个团队.  这是一个工作主管的职位,所以需要在生产车间工作.  该职位的工作要求包括能够提起/推/拉/堆叠高达60磅的重物.能够长时间站立,具备持牌叉车操作能力.  这个生产主管的角色是每天2天的轮岗, 2 days off, 3 days on 2 days off, working every other weekend from the hours of 7:00a-7:00p.  To be successful as a supervisor, 我们正在寻找具有较强的书面和口头沟通能力,并表现出激励员工的能力的候选人, 评估和发展员工技能,为员工的成长和发展提供有效的领导.


Maintenance Technician (PM Shift)  

The Maintenance Technician 负责执行高度多样化的安装职责, troubleshoot, 根据安全要求维修和维护生产和设施设备, 预测性和生产性维护系统和流程. 该职位在工厂和地面执行多种维护职责. 员工被要求对机器进行维护和修理, as well as, welding, electrical, fabricating and mechanical duties. Preferred candidates should have 

  • 电气、机械、液压、气动等相关专业大专以上学历
  • 具有计算机化维修管理系统(CMMS)经验, PLC programming and computer operation
  • Knowledgeable in fabrication and welding
  • 熟悉电子和电子故障处理
  • 两年的维护和/或维护食品服务设备
  • 了解OSHA法规,锁定/标记程序和密闭空间

申请人必须可靠,能够在快节奏的工作环境中独立工作. The schedule for this position is on a rotational schedule of 2 days on, 2 days off, 3 days on 2 days off, working every other weekend from the hours of 6:00p-6:00a.  根据工作量,可能需要加班和隔日工作. If you are diligent and thorough in your work, are self-motivated, have a positive attitude, 并具备在这个职位上取得成功所需的技能, please apply today!  

Apply Today:

Burnett Dairy Cooperative Employment Application

Solicitud de empleo de Burnett Dairy Cooperative

Burnett Dairy Cooperative Driver Application

To apply at our Grantsburg location, please complete the job application by clicking on the link above.  You may email your application and/or resume to, or call Sara Trojanowski at 715.689.2010 or Becky Popp at 715.689.2005 for more information. 

To apply at our Cady Location: please complete the please complete the job application by clicking on the link above.  You may email your application and/or resume to or call Jill Filkins at 715.689.4403 for more information.