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Co-op Services

Vertically Integrated Cooperative. We are involved in every step, from soil maintenance to animal health, to making and shipping cheese. We want to make sure the product we make is the best it can be.

We’re proud to supply farmers with services and expertise essential to consistently producing premium agricultural products, including the highest quality milk that goes into making our cheese. Our dedicated staff includes a large animal veterinarian, animal nutritionists and agronomists. We can think of no better way to have a significant impact on milk quality and production.



Whatever crops you grow, Burnett Dairy Cooperative is here to help you improve your yields, quality and bottom line.


Animal Nutrition

Burnett Dairy Cooperative is committed to helping all our dairy patrons ensure their herds are healthy and profitable.



Burnett Dairy Cooperative is dedicated to helping you safely move, market, and store your grain efficiently and profitably.



Burnett Dairy Cooperative offers quality fuel and products on a year round basis including propane, gasoline, on-road or off-road diesel, home heating oil and ethanol mixes.